3ds max & Corona Renderer & Photoshop CC

Improving 3d rendering of our student.
For sales and consultations of this course in the English version, please send a personal message to: Valentin Kuznetsov.

Dear English-speaking visualizers, we did
professional translation of educational course CGBandit and prepared tutorial videos with English subtitles specially for you. Now you can purchase full course and study it comfortably. You will recieve tutorials with full analysis of my working process and learn how to get the same renders as mine.

Best regard, Valentin Kuznetsov
Price: 210$

Nowadays 3d-artists and designers look like competitive hounds. They are chasing advantage, waiting for a miracle. But what if we combine all best techniques, best algorithms for building beautiful light/shadow composition and most effective post-production methods?
We can get impressive picture, so people will draw attention on it, enjoy every detail, every pixel of image.
Course is made for students with basic skill of.
CGBandit course containts:
1. Full analysis of my working process: from raw render to final post-production in Photoshop
2. Method of using gamma 1.0
3. “Killing” of non-photorealistic color mapping
4. Process of creating artistic shadows, influence of window configuration on light composition
5. Artistic composition
6. Combining best light / shadow fragments of image
7. Geometric planes as a tool for the formation of photorealistic overexposures
8. Spectacular artificial lighting
9. Many more interesting tricks.
10. I developed my own algorithm of post-production for raw render images and interior photo. You can assess the effectiveness and beauty of this method in my group. I will reveal for you these secrets of impressive post-production in my tutorial which you can buy separately.
Educational course doesn't contain:
1. Modeling
2. Design
3. Complex materials
My tutorials will give you unique information, which you won't find in Internet or books.
In case you're not sure about your knowledge in 3DMax or Corona Render, you can send me some of your renders, I will assess if it's enough for course.
Full course price: 210$. I need to receive the total of 200$, 10 dollars are usually the transaction fees.
Individual approach. Educational set contents 15 tutorial videos, duration is more than 13 hours.

My PayPal: valentin_born@mail.ru
You get our full support throughout the entire period of education, consultations in Skype with demonstrations of screen.

My PayPal: valentin_born@mail.ru 200$ Fees for transactions is on customer side.
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name: Valentin Vladimirovich Kuznetsov
city: Stavropol
country : russia
mobile:+7 928 811 25 72


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E-mail: Valentin_born@mail.ru
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Одной из заслуг образовательного проекта является выход на западного ученика. Заинтересованность англоязычных специалистов идет несмотря на то, что 3ds Max, Corona, V-ray и прочие рендер движки - это изначально западные продукты с гигантским количеством уроков на их родном языке и, соответственно, высочайшим уровнем конкуренции.

Спрос западных специалистов на прохождение обучения от CG Bandit говорит о качестве знаний и механизмов, которые даются на курсе. Работы учеников являются результатом применения полученных методик.

Мы задаем новую планку уровня 3d визуализации.
Наш мир - это параллель между миром искусства, психологии продающей коммерческой фотографии и инструментами рендер движков. На курсе вы узнаете как делать быстрые не ресурсоемкие изображения, а также крутые художественные объемные продающие коммерческие визуализации.

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